GCUC – Singapore

GCUC is very excited to announce that we have partnered with the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore to bring you an expertly curated panel on the Future of Work. Speaking on the future of work will be Jonathan O”Byrne of Collective works, Paula Englert of the Opra Group, Larissa Murphy of Contrast Group, Bryan Radar of Microsoft Asia Pacific and Kevin Chee of Capitland.

What does our future working environment look like?

We are in the midst of one of the biggest cultural and technological shifts in a century and our working environments are changing and evolving rapidly in response. We live in a world where thousands of individuals pay to go to work in coworking environments yet corporations struggle with attendance, engagement and presenteeism.

There is huge pressure on employers to remain current and provide increasingly engaging working environments. With presenteeism now a billion dollar issue and technology allowing people to work from anywhere why will anyone come to the office of the future?

In this session, through discussion with a broad industry panel of experts, we seek to understand the human, technological and economic factors that are driving these changes and learn lessons from experiences in different industries.

Participants can expect a lively discussion, differences of opinion as our experts try to untangle information for their tangential disciplines. Hopefully we will paint a mental picture of what our environments could be like in the future and the consideration that will help us to get there.

Gcuc – Singapore