Steelcase Podcast
Steelcase podcast

Based on Steelcase Global Report, more employees around the world would prefer to return to the workplace for better collaboration with their peers. But are all offices well-equipped to support their needs and the mixture of working styles that have surfaced today? Featuring Vision Creator of Dare Design, Larissa Murphy, this episode dives into the…

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Dare to Work Happier

Everyone is talking about the return to the office, Do we really need to, do we want to? Maybe the conversation needs to start with why we need workplaces. Once we establish why we need them, what they are good for then we can start the conversation about how to repurpose the spaces so that…

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Are trendy offices really great places to work?

In the last decade there has been an explosion of interest in workplace design and the importance of company culture. With the ever increasing use of technology the traditional definition of work life balance has been turned on its head. Work happens in the evenings, personal happens throughout the day. These changes make for an…

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